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Clients Testimonials

I would like to thank Master Alvin to bring my business back to life. I am a small retail shop owner and my business is bad when start. I am told by my friends to consult a fengshui master. I engaged few fengshui masters and after the audit, there are no improvement. To be frank, I already lost my faith on fengshui. One day, my suppliers came to my shop and we talked about the business is getting too bad and might close off this shop. He mentioned on fengshui again and I told him about the bad encounter I had with fengshui. He told me, he learned fengshui from Master Alvin and he went to took out his Luopan from his car to measure my shop. He analyzes and told me my situations based on the measurement and true enough I encountered some challenges that only my wife knew about it. I am impressed and asked him for more details and he told me that he just graduated few months from Jade Metaphysics Academy and still practicing. He advised me to look for Master Alvin to salvage. When Master Alvin measured, he told me even more things that happened. He advised me to move the cashier to another location and give me a date to shift. He mentioned once I got improvement, save some money for door tilting. I am very shocked on results after implemented for 2 days. The results are incredible after I tilted the door. I now earning profits and covered my previous loses. Very thankful to fengshui guru who also bring back my faith on fengshui. Highly recommend to those who need fengshui.

Mr Anthony Chan


My husband and I had never been sleeping well after moved into our apartment since 2014. We are easily lost concentration during work and easily frustration towards people. We both frequently quarrel due frustration. We made the decision to engage a fengshui master to audit our house. Got to see good reviews from Jade metaphysics websites and Facebook, so we engaged Master Alvin to help us. At first, we felt stressed before meeting a fengshui master and he should be very strict and unapproachable, to our surprised, he is very friendly throughout the session and we both felt like talking to a good friend. He advised us on the issues of our apartment and bingo he got the issues that we faced. He advised to do some shifting on our bed and some of the furniture arrangement at a given timing. From that night, onwards, we both having a continual sleep throughout the night every day. We also noticed that me and my husband become more harmony than before. Very thankful to Master Alvin for helping us and will highly recommend to my friends which need fengshui help. Thanks, Master Alvin!



I had consulted Master Alvin for my new purchase house. He had advised me on placement of the whole house design. Before I consult him, I already have some design in mind with my designer and ask him for advice. The advised given by him was easy to understand and explanations for the purposed was clear and concise. His knowledge for the Chinese metaphysics and some other regulations before moving in the house and after moving into the house was clear. The item to purchase was also affordable rather than those who ask you to buy expensive items to block this and that which might serve the same purpose. Attitude toward explanation and discussion on the proposal was great rather than those masters who only insist you listen to him and do his way, no further question ask. The service was promptly and he will try his way to accommodate to your timing rather then you accommodate to his timing. Most importantly is the price was affordable and reasonable, not those need to spend a few thousand for looking a feng shui for your home. Highly recommended!



To Master Alvin, I was introduced to Master Alvin by my sister-in- law back in 2014. Since then, I have consulted Master Alvin for my house Fengshui till now. He is a very professional and highly knowledgeable in his area of expertise of Fengshui. He provides comprehensive advices, detail report and goes the extra mile to attend to your queries and how to get remedy done correctly. Following his advices, I observed better harmonious within my family. My wife got a better job offer from another company, which she is working now and my job have been smooth sailing. I am appreciated of his guidance and would highly recommend Master Alvin to anyone that seek to use Fengshui to aid and enhance your life. Thank you!!



I have been learning fengshui from several Masters and still don’t understands the real theories and practical of applying fengshui into daily life. Get to know Master Alvin from one of my fengshui peers that he is from wu chang lineage and my friends see the real power of fengshui after studied his Xuan Kong Flying Stars course. During the practical session, he brought us to grandmaster Hong Chuan bright hill temple to see how Hong Chuan apply fengshui at the temple. The theories make more senses when you do application. Will continue to learn from Master Alvin whenever he got course. Thanks, Master Alvin!



Hi, I have attended Master Alvin Poker Divination Course on 18 Feb 2017. From the course, I learnt the Divination that can decode many situation(s) such as Examination Outcome, Relationship, Job Interview, Wealth & Lost and Found item(s). For me I merely use more on Wealth and Job. The Poker Divination has equipped me with the Technique whereby I can predict the outcome of an Event based on the time that the Question is being Asked. Thank you and regards.

Jing Young


I came to know Master Alvin from a very close friend and was introduced as I have bought a house and wanted to a Geomancy to access my house to have my family to be blesses with fortune and good luck staying in the house. So, before renovation starts, Master Alvin accessed and was shock to know lots of my renovation plan will create bad (Qi).  Master Alvin explains his recommendation well I was impressed by his professionalism in the field of Feng Shui. He gave lots of ideas and important recommendation that will create a comfortable and harmonious living environment for the whole family. I’m also very pleased that the fact that he’s very patient and understanding. After moving in, I was impressed with the (Qi) in my house and the great improvement in my life. I greatly appreciate Master Alvin service and will highly recommend him to my friend.   Thanks & regards.



Lessons with Alvin is fun and interesting. He incorporates many practical practices to ensure that you can understand the essence of the lessons. As his course are in both Mandarin and English, it is easier to grasp the explanation of lesson. I am indebted to him for his amazing teaching skills as I am now able to put his lesson into practical use.

Boon Tiong


Recently I just injured my ribcage and it was had not heal after few weeks. I decide to consult Master Alvin for his advice. He requests me to draw out my bedroom layout for him as he suspect something not right in my room fengshui. He asked me whether I had just shift my working desk to the new position. He was spot on that I injured my ribcage less than a week after I shift the desk. On his recommendation, I shift the desk to a new location and my injury gradually recover by itself. Thank you, Master Alvin and good luck and best wishes on your business success.