What will you achieve in these 3 stages of Bazi course? You can use this ancient tools to derive a person life destiny and able to advise people on their strength and weakness. You can know what is going to happen to your life and being low profile during non-ideal luck cycle and high profile during good luck cycle.

What You Will Learn:


Fundamental (2 Days)

  • Introduction of Bazi
  • Understand the five elements
  • Five elements cycle
  • Understand characteristics of heavenly stems
  • Understand characteristics of earthly branches
  • How to erect a Bazi chart using calendar
  • Understand the palaces
  • Understand the season of the five elements
  • Understand 12 stages of life cycle
  • Understand the combination and clashes
  • How to read a Bazi Chart just using 5 elements

Intermediate (3 Days) 

  • Introduction of ten gods
  • Interpreting individual gods
  • Relationship of ten gods
  • Characteristics of ten gods
  • Understand the strength and weakness of ten gods
  • How to read Bazi using ten gods

Advance (2 Days)

  • Understand Weak Chart
  • Strong Chart
  • Family Affairs
  • Life & Conception Pillars
  • Wealth Analysis
  • Health Analysis
  • Career Analysis
  • Marriage Analysis
  • Life Analysis
  • Character Analysis
  • Void Branch
  • Fu Yin & Fan Yin
  • The 3 Wonders