What will you achieve in this 2 days course? You can use Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection to achieve the desired fengshui result that you want. It is considered as one of the powerful tools in activating fengshui immediately, gradually or come and go. A must have tool that is needed for fengshui practitioners.

What You Will Learn:


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  • Formation of the 64 Xuan Kong Da Gua
  • Understand Xuan Kong Wu Xing
  • Understand Xuan Kong Gua Yun
  • Xuan Kong Wu Xing Combination Ten Formation
  • Xuan Kong Wu Xing He Tu Formation
  • Xuan Kong Wu Xing Pure Formation
  • Productive and control in Xuan Kong Wu Xing
  • Choose an auspicious day based on the House
  • Xuan Kong Gua Yun Combination Ten Formation
  • Xuan Kong Gua Yun Reverse Formation
  • Xuan Kong Gua Yun Pure Formation
  • Differentiate San Sha, Wu Wang, Sui Po
  • An auspicious San Sha day?
  • An inauspicious San Sha day?
  • Safe San Sha day to enhance immediate effect?
  • Relationship of Xuan Kong Da Gua between Men, Earth and Heaven Qi
  • Day selection for moving stove, renovation, house, bed and door
  • Day selection for opening of business
  • Day selection for an immediate effect

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